Amanda Hasemeier, Vice-President

Amanda is an accomplished cook (she learned some interesting kitchen techniques while studying in Florence, Italy, and living in central and South American countries), and when 3 children arrived on the scene, she had a home confectionary business in the inspected home kitchen in Utica, NY. She likes the lasting beauty and durability of Wood-Mode cabinets, but she does not give up on the function or charm of the kitchen (see photo of Amanda with her new cook top). Amanda is a semi-retired geographic information system (GIS) specialist. Together with Robert, she has assisted friends over the years in  developing beautiful and functional living spaces. She frequently overrules the left-brained Robert on decorating choices, as his engineering preferences come forward. Amanda is working with Philip to upgrade the showroom displays at 313 Market Street in Lemoyne, PA. 

Robert and Amanda share many kitchen duties and cooperate with shopping (Robert is really into the hunter-gatherer duties at grocery stores), canning, hosting special dinners, and covering other kitchen and family events. They can count some of their dinner guests numbering well into the twenties for the special gatherings that occur throughout the year. They are ready to let the next generation take over the role of host, but Amanda regularly fields culinary questions from their children. 

Amanda’s father worked for the Agency for International Development (AID), and his position required hosting of dinner parties and other gatherings. Growing up, Amanda learned a variety of kitchen and cooking duties that we take for granted in the U.S. Robert likes to repeat the story of making mayonnaise, since this food condiment was not readily available during the time Amanda lived in these Latin countries. Amanda’s mother subscribed to Gourmet magazine and made some wonderful dishes to serve to party guest. Amanda apprenticed well, and during their first Christmas together living in Arizona, Amanda taught Robert how to temper and work with real chocolate. 

A word to the homemaker about kitchens. Amanda has had her share of discussions with Robert about kitchen remodeling and needs for the home. The photo on the left illustrates their recent kitchen remodel and small addition prior to cabinet installation. The kitchen is part of the family nest, and Amanda is quick to point out the cost of a shiny new truck when the kitchen needs some work or appliances need an upgrade. Therefore, she has employed logic with Robert to demonstrate the need for beautiful and functional kitchen space. She has articulated Robert’s left brain thoughts to others on how the kitchen remodel will help family life and allow enjoyment for all who enter the home. She has learned to make the case to Robert for quality as the long-term investment.

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